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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

History, Philosophy and Fields of Social Work

Title: History, Philosophy and Fields of Social Work 
Author: Dr. Priyanka Singh
ISBN: 978-93-82395-80-5
Publisher: Ruby Press & Co.
First Edition: 2015
Language: English 
Binding: Hard Cover
Price: Rs. 699/-

About the Author:
Dr. Priyanka Singh is presently working as an Assistant Professor & In-Charge, School of Social Work, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Education, Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agricultural Technology and Sciences from April 13, 2012, in the university since November 2006. She has worked as capacity of Program Organizer of “International Workshop on Indo-US Culture and Traditions” organized by the International Secretariat of Allahabad Agricultural Institute-Deemed University, Allahabad from 17th July to 16th August, 2007.

About the Book:
Social work has its roots in the social and economic upheaval wrought by the Industrial Revolution, in particular the struggle of society to deal with poverty and its resultant problems. Because dealing with poverty was the main focus of early social work, it is intricately linked with the idea of charity work, but it must now be understood in much broader terms. For instance it is not uncommon for modern social workers to find themselves dealing with the consequences arising from many other 'social problems' such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and discrimination based on age or on physical or mental ability.

Modern social workers can be found helping to deal with the consequences of these and many other social maladies in all areas of the human services and in many other fields besides. Whereas social work started on a more scientific footing aimed at controlling and reforming individuals (at one stage supporting the notion that poverty was a disease), it has in more recent times adopted a more critical and holistic approach to understanding and intervening in social problems.