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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Anthropometry of the Meitei Women Athletes of Manipur

Title: Anthropometry of the Meitei Women Athletes of Manipur
Author: Hijam Sorojini Devi
ISBN: 978-9382395867
Language: English
First Edition: 2016
Binding: Hard Cover

About the Book
Every community has a history of games and sports in the form of indigenous nature. In the earlier days, sports were associated with human culture and it was a part of religious festivals. Games and sports has now been given a high status as it concerns about physical fitness, personal prestige as well as owing to various national and international competitions and the organisation of Olympic Games. The human physical structure or physique and its role in sports performance is a matter of importance. The realisation of the importance of the subject of Anthropometry, which is the sub-branch of Physical anthropology, perhaps grew considerably during the last a few decades. With the applied knowledge of this subject in the field of games and sports, we can assess the various physical structures of the athletes of various sports events. 
The present book entitled Anthropometry of the Meitei Women Athletes of Manipur deals with the various physical structures of the Meitei women athletes of 7 (seven) sports events of hockey, football, weight lifting, running, throwing, cycling and gymnastics.

About the Author
Dr. H. Sorojini Devi earned her master’s degree from Manipur University in 1986. She was awarded Ph.D from the same University in 2003 and thereafter, LLB from LMS Law College, Imphal in 2009. 

She is at present Reader and Associate Professor of D.M. College of Science, Imphal, Manipur. Besides, she has been engaged in independent research works and guiding research scholars.  She was awarded minor and major projects under the financial supports of University Grants Commission. She has published more than 15 research articles in Indian and International leading Journals. She is a casual talker in various programmes of All India Radio, Imphal, particularly, in live phoning programme and telling stories of the children programme. She has been engaged as resource person in the refresher courses and workshops organised by Department of Anthropology, Manipur University as well as for E-learning programme under EMMRC. She has participated in many seminars and conferences in various parts of India. She is an active member of many academic associations and also a member of Bar Council of Assam.

Her areas of interest are sports science, health and nutrition and human genetics.