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Friday, 11 December 2015

An Anthology of Historical Essays

Title: An Anthology of Historical Essays
ISBN: 978-93-82395-87-4

Editor: Prof. Salam Irene
First Edition: 2016
Language: English
Publisher: Ruby Press & Co.

Category: History
Binding: Hardcover

About the Book:
The book itself is an amalgam of different histories and different perspectives on history. Most of the contributors have adopted an inter-disciplinary approach, especially apparent in the articles on divinity and possession, as also that on environmental history.
As Manipur is still a pre-dominantly agrarian society, two of the articles deal with agriculture and the land-holding system. The Art of pottery is an ancient craft, and there is an illuminating article on Ethno-Archaeology with its focus on pottery. Two of the articles focus on the Muslims of Manipur who assimilated in Manipuri society to such a degree that they were known as Pangal Meiteis. One of the articles is on women as and Gender. Studies now occupies a prominent place in history. There is another article on women of different communities of Manipur.

Many papers contain elements of symbolism, especially concerning the passage of rites and the cosmogony of the Loktak Lake. Other papers refer to the origin of people viz. the Tangkhul Nagas and Vaipheis and also incorporate elements of primeval religion. Another important paper deals with information gleaned from the Royal Chronicle of Manipur. There is also an interesting article on the evolution of print journalism in Manipur, and another on the oft repeated story of carving an image of Shri Govindjee on a uprooted jackfruit tree of Kaina.