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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Ideology and Activities of All India Hindu Mahasabha

Title: Ideology and Activities of All India Hindu Mahasabha
Author: Nilendra Bardiar
ISBN: 978-93-82395-51-5
Binding: Hard Cover
First Edition: 2014
Language: English

About the Author:
Dr. Nilendra Bardiar is currently working as Assistant Professor at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce (DCAC), University of Delhi. He previously worked as Research Associate with Indian Institute of Dalit Studies. He has done MA (2005-7), M.Phil (2007-9) and PhD (2009-13, awarded in 2014) in History from JNU. 

About the Book:
In 1948, we observed two contrasting images of the Hindu Mahasabha leaders. In the first image, SP Mookerjee was being included within the Nehru cabinet while in the second image another well known Hindu Mahasabha leader VD Savarkar is being put on trial for Gandhi’s murder. Obviously, the question rises do these contrasting images embody in themselves two contradictory histories of Hindu Mahasabha? If yes how have these two histories continue to exist within the same organization for such a long time? This book traces the ideologies, activities and dilemmas that defined the Mahasbha in 1940s.

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