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Monday, 26 March 2018

Glossary of Linguistic Terms

Title: Glossary of Linguistic Terms
Author: Mutum Rameshwor Singh
ISBN: 978-93-86934-11-6
Category: Linguistics

About the Book:
Glossary of Linguistic Terms, Volume-I aims at familiarizing the readers with the basic concepts and principles of the subject. Linguistics is a fascinating multi-dimensional discipline interacting with such diverse areas of study as sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, literary stylistics and so on. However, those who take up the study of linguistics often admit to the awesome complexities that they initially encounter. This book attempts to introduce to the students the general concepts of the subject in a lucid and easily comprehensible manner. It is partly an outcome of the effort to demystify the myth of linguistics being a complex and difficult subject. It deals with the basics, and they are the foundations on which further growth of interest depends on. It is designed for such aspirants who have decided to undergo for a course in linguistics or read it as one of the papers at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. This book may serve as an easy reference to comprehend the various linguistic terms.

About the Author:
Dr. Mutum Rameshwor Singh, M.A. English, M.Phil., Ph.D., UGC (NET), is an Assistant Professor and he is teaching English Literature and Linguistics to the Undergraduate and Post-Graduate students in the Post Graduate Department of English, D.M. College of Arts, Imphal. He specializes in ELT (Sociolinguistics). He has published many research papers on various disciplines in the reputed journals and also participated and presented papers in numerous national and international academic seminars, conferences, workshops and training courses.

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