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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Differentials and Determinants of Child Mortality

Title: Differentials and Determinants of Child Mortality
Author: Salam Shantikumar Singh & Rajkumar Narendra Singh
ISBN: 978-93-82395-45-4
Binding: Hard Cover
First Edition: 2014
Language: English

About the Book:
This book determines scientifically the role of important prognostic variables like socio-economic, demographic, environment, sanitation, medical/health care, exposure to mass media, breastfeeding, and sex preference on the differential mortality pattern of childhood. The study is based on a sample of primary data and inference is made through statistical techniques  descriptive statistics, logistic regression model, factor analysis, Cox’s proportional hazard model, etc.

The book appears to be very useful to the students, researchers and scientists of diverse segments of individuals who are working, in various capacities, in this field of very innovative human research. The information and techniques described here are useful and applicable to their substantive field of studies including population, social, humanity and medical sciences. Further, the findings and suggestions arrived at in the conclusion are very fascinating and useful to the planner and executors, especially health and population, for their better and effective health planning and delivery system.

About the Authors:
Salam Shantikumar Singh is the Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Statistics, Pachhunga University College, A Constituent College of Mizoram University, Aizawl-Mizoram, India. He has 8 years teaching experience in Statistics particularly Biostatistics, Statistical Inference, Demography and Multivariate Analysis. He has 7 years of research experience and published many research papers in National and International Journals of Statistics, Biostatistics and Social Sciences. Earlier, he was appointed as a Socio-economist in the Nippon Koei & Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan for Manipur Sericulture Project. He has ample knowledge of data triangulation and he was involved in the Research project under UN-AIDS for Epidemiological Profiling of HIV/AIDS Situation at District and Sub-District Level Using Data Triangulation. He has provided consultancy services as Statistician to more than 10 research scholars for pursuing Ph. D.

Prof. Rajkumar Narendra Singh is the Head, Unit of Biostatistics, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Imphal under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. A teacher by choice he has been teaching Biostatistics and Research Methodology for the last 30 years in various Institutions and Universities. He has so far produced 10 Ph.D. and 3 M.Phil. scholars and more than 50 publications in National and International reputed journals to his credit and is the author of the book  Determinants of Infant Mortality  published by RIMS, MoHFW, GoI. He has carried out a large number of research projects and provided consultancy services to the number of projects and agencies of International repute.

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