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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Abraham Lincoln and the Union: A Chronicle of the Embattled North

Title: Abraham Lincoln and the Union: A Chronicle of the Embattled North
Author: Nathaniel W. Stephenson
ISBN: 978-93-82395-66-9
Edition: 2015
Language: English
Binding: Hard Cover
Category: History

About the Author:
Nathaniel W. Stephenson is the Professor of history at the College of Charleston 1902-23 and at Scripps College 1927-35.

About the Book:
In spite of a lapse of sixty years, the historian who attempts to portray the era of Lincoln is still faced with almost impossible demands and still confronted with arbitrary points of view. It is out of the question, in a book so brief as this must necessarily be, to meet all these demands or to alter these points of view. Interests that are purely local, events that did not with certainty contribute to the final outcome, gossip, as well as the mere caprice of the scholar these must obviously be set aside.

The task imposed upon the volume resolves itself, at bottom, into just two questions: Why was there a war? Why was the Lincoln Government successful? Prominent as it is here made, the Lincoln matter all bears in the last analysis on one point his control of his support. On that the history of the North hinges. The personal and private Lincoln it is impossible to present within these pages. The public Lincoln, including the character of his mind, is here the essential matter. The bibliography at the close of the volume indicates the more important books which are at the reader's disposal and which it is unfortunate not to know.

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