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Friday, 29 August 2014

History of Modern Philosophy: From Nicolas of Cusa to the Present Time

Title: History of Modern Philosophy: From Nicolas of Cusa to the Present Time
Author: Richard Falckenberg
ISBN: 978-93-82395-05-8
Language: English
Binding: Hard Cover
Edition: 2015

About the Author:
Richard Falkenberg was a German philosopher. He dealt with the history of philosophy. He wrote a history of modern philosophy, which was often reprinted and was kept up to date by him. Through this writing, and by his professorship in Erlangen, he coined as others thought of the history of philosophy. He attacked the truth of philosophy is not dogmatic, but historically and striving for harmony and justice. He belonged to a critical idealism to. He also wrote six articles for the General German biography.

About the Book:
Systems of philosophy are not as dependent on our progressive knowledge of facts as the theories of natural science, and change less quickly; notwithstanding their mutual conflicts, and in spite of the talk about discarded standpoints, they possess in a measure the permanence of classical works of art, they retain for all time a certain relative validity. The thought of Plato, of Aristotle, and of the heroes of modern philosophy is ever proving anew its fructifying power. Nowhere do we find such instructive errors as in the sphere of philosophy; nowhere is the new so essentially a completion and development of the old, even though it deem itself the whole and assume a hostile attitude toward its predecessors; nowhere is the inquiry so much more important than the final result; nowhere the categories "true and false" so inadequate. The spirit of the time and the spirit of the people, the individuality of the thinker, disposition, will, fancy-all these exert a far stronger influence on the development of philosophy, both by way of promotion and by way of hindrance, than in any other department of thought.

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