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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Mizo Fiction: Emergence and Development

Title: Mizo Fiction: Emergence and Development
Author: Dr. Zoramdinthara 
ISBN: 978-93-82395-16-4
First Edition: 2013
Binding: Hard Cover
Category: Literature

About the Author

The author Dr. Zoramdinthara, took his Master degree in Mizo in 1999 and English in 2001. He was appointed as a Lecturer in the Mizo Department of Pachhunga University College, Aizawl, Mizoram in the year 2005 and then as Assistant Professor. His research work entitled Literary Historiography: A study of development of Mizo fiction was completed under the guidance of Prof R.L Thanmawia, Mizo Department, Mizoram University. Presently, he holds the post of Assistant Professor in the Department of Mizo, Pachhunga University College. His area of specialization is Mizo Fiction. He is actively involves in research and has often been presented papers at various National, Regional and State level seminar and workshop.

About the book:

The present work Mizo fiction: Emergence and development is an improve form with some addition and alterations of the author’s doctoral dissertation entitled Literary historiography: A study of development of Mizo fiction. The work was accomplished under the sincere supervision of Prof R.L Thanmawia, Mizo Department, Mizoram University and on which, the author was awarded the Ph.D degree by the Mizoram University in 2013. It is now published with the modest hope that it may interest those who want to know about Mizo fiction. The book covers and concentrates on the systematic study of Mizo fiction, emergence and development from 1936 to 2000. His approaches to the study of Mizo fiction is of theoretical, historical and sociological. For convenience of researches, the work is divided into five chapters. As an introductory chapter, the first chapter gives general information about the Mizo, migration, contact with the west, arrival of missionaries, introduction of education, Mizo folktales and fiction and how these can be importance as foundation for rise of Mizo fiction. The second chapter is entitled Pre Independence Mizo fiction and second chapter is titled “Pre Independence Mizo fiction (1936 - 1946)”. It traces the rise and development of Mizo fiction from the beginning up to 1946. This chapter begins with brief general characteristics of the age, followed by an analysis of the first Mizo fiction and other fictions of this period. The third chapter is titled “Post Independence Mizo fiction (1947 - 1986)”. This chapter is an important age because it testifies Indian Independence, MNF insurgency in Mizoram and Peace Accord signed in 1986 and these were highlighted in the beginning of the chapter with literary characters of the periods. In this Chapter, an attempt has been made to present seven major writers and all other fiction writers of the age with some observation. The fourth chapter is called Modern Mizo fiction (1987-2000). After peace agreement was restored in Mizoram, Mizo fiction writers were more or less free from the bondage of war. Under this umbrella of peace, they witnessed an unprecedented spurt of literary activity. There is a hypothesis that the widening of mental horizons, healthy literary appreciations and a strong desire to express new ideas developed among the fiction writers which resulted in the better growth of Mizo fiction. Therefore, in this chapter an attempt has been made to present some of the major fiction writers of the age and other fiction writers with an analysis of Mizo fictions appeared in this chapter. As the study proceeds on, the study is concluded in the fifth chapter and an attempt will also be made to sum up the findings of the study, and to conclude with a critical observation. In fact, the book will be highly useful to students, teachers and researcher of Mizo literature, particularly those studying tribal literature in India.

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