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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Vegetable in Manipur

[Ruby Studies of Vegetable in North-East Vol. 1-8]
Vegetable in Manipur, Vol.1 
Author: A. Jugindra Singh 
Foreword: Prof. H.Tombi, Former Vice Chancellor, Manipur University
ISBN: 978-93-823950-1-0 
Second Revised Edition: 2013 
Binding: Hardbound

About the Author
Shri A. Jugindra Singh was awarded as "Research Scholar" by the Government of Manipur for his outstanding contribution in the field of Agriculture and Horticulture along with various bio-resources. During his tenure, he was actively associated in evolving a huge number of modern rice in the state. Further, Shri Singh has received "Hijam Jananeta Irawat Memorial Award" (HIM Award) for his contribution towards development of Agriculture and other alike activities in the state. He has begged the "Gold Medal Award for India" instituted by the ABI (American Biographical Institute Inc.) for his significant contribution in the field of agriculture and upliftment of socio-economic status of rural poor.

In true sense, Shri Singh is always in the mood of association with rural poor for better upliftment out of the complex human societies. Even after retirement, he is still actively continuing research work of "rice abc could evolve 3-4 rice cultivars" which are widely accepted and adopted in the state. He has been actively involved in the collection, preservation and conservation of indigenous medicinal plants and other bio-resources including improved ones which are being eroded due to unknown over exploitation by the different communities in both Hills and valley of the state. Shri A. Jugindra Singh is retired Deputy Director of agriculture, Manipur. He worked in various capacities. He was actively involved in research works with 12 years experience at the Rice Research Station, Wangbal under the Department of Agriculture, Manipur.

About the Book:
The basic role of plants like herbs, vegetables, spices, etc. is highly valuable to all the biotic races so far as the natural healing power of the botanic origin is concerned. In Manipur, since pre-historic days, besides consumption of herbal vegetables and spices, there are herbal physicians locally known as Amaiba (male vaid) and Amaibi (female vaid) who have prescribed and habitually used these plants as folk medicine with their mystic incantation. In fact, the art of healing and the knowledge of healing herbs are as old as man. But its progress is far behind as compared to other modern systems of treatment; because most of the people cannot recognize, rather totally ignore the hidden power of these healing plants. However, the system of home treatment is accurate with no side effects of after effects like antibiotics of the modern medicines. Even to-day the witch physicians used the oracles with or without specific herbs for enhancing the psychological impact to the patients.

Though Manipur is topo-physiographically isolated from the rest of the world, the people in both hills and valley have their own customs, culture and specific ethnic characters. In such satellite age of the biotic sphere, the local physicians are still having a wide room for various treatments of common, acute and chronic diseases. The local medicinal man may be classified into two types viz: The witch doctor who is deeply inclined and cures ailments simply by incantation, oracles, performing ritual ceremonies, personal service of prayer, offering devils’ gift, food vegetables, flowers, etc; while the herbal doctor tries to cure the diseases by giving folk medicines like herbs, vegetables, spices, etc. as the modern doctors do. The primitive mind had a leaning towards a mystic or oracle explanation of the Universe. The system is still widely practiced in Manipur, in addition to the modern system of treatment. The cryptic writings are still used in the prevention of witch craft of the evil effects.

Vegetables like spinach, asparagus, celery, common and black radish, onion and parsley, and many other vegetables have perfect medicinal effects on the biotic system. The great curative value of the juice of the plants of herb-teas has been recognized as appreciated by all the peoples on this earth since ancient times. It is a fact that the human is best able to receive and digest the nutritive salts which purify the blood. The plants are really endowed with miraculous vital properties, working upon the body system, stimulating the activity of the nerves, muscles, digestive organs, vibrating and promoting health within a short time, with no side effects. In short, the herbal plants are within the easy-reach of the biotic races in all times. In a broad sense, plants may be considered as the natural tonic centres of the human system. It can heal up the ailing body, restoring the health with a simple wholesome living.

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