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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Tribal Land, History and Culture, and Other Essays

Title: Tribal Land, History and Culture, and Other Essays 
Author: Priyadarshni M. Gangte
ISBN: 978-93-82395-04-1
Binding: Hard Cover 
First Edition: August 2013

About the Author
Dr. Priyadarshini M. Gangte (M.A. Ph.D, L.L.M), Associate Professor in History Department and Co-ordinator, Human Rights Centre, Damdei Christian College, Taloulong, Motbung, Manipur. She has authored and edited a number of highly acclaimed books and souvenirs. She presented and participated in various seminars, conferences, workshops and symposia at international, national, state and local levels. She is also a regular contributor of articles to the local dailies, reputed journals and souvenirs. At present, she is also a Member state Advisory Council, RTE. Act, 2009, Government of Manipur. Being active academic initiator, she associates with various academic and social bodies, Life Members of North East India Historical Association, Indian History Congress and Institute of North East Studies, Kolkata, are some of them to be cited.

About the Book
The world and its political system are dynamic. Nothing is stagnant. In this dynamic world, everything revolves along with time and circumstances moving forward, thinking of better upcoming. However, in the process, sometimes someone, somewhere, something goes wrong and affects the system, which compels to regenerate and redress again.

Tribal Customary laws are a unique governs rules, regulations, and way of life for them. The peculiar uniqueness its values and important and curiosity to know more about it grows in present generation, this is due to the growing with the realization of our pluralistic society. This book deals with various tribal custom and way of life particularly the tribals of Northeast. In spite of customary laws, which is unique, and has immense value, and is laws of wisdom, not much has been written and published about this subject.

This book is an attempt to explore the Ethnic people and their movement for culture, customs and land from various angles. The dynamic movement of the tribals based on ethno-culture, political and historical heritage, and belief system. The role played by its leaders.

The tribal people have keen senses of identity and integration and which was why such native sensation of indigenisation and homogenisation had brought in historical times all the inhabitants under one roof of nationalism. The religio-cultural accretion entering into a new deal bargained for an identity with a bitter consolation and toleration. The author is a staunch protagonist of social justice, harmony and peace, and understands that without social justice there cannot be economic equality and political development in such a caste-imposed society as ours.

The author minutely gives the Land ownership system, chieftainship its power and function, the source of laws, public rules and regulations, ceremonial rites, omen, divination, inheritance and succession, partition of property, doctrine of no war zone, crime and administration of justice, penalty and mode of punishment etc. This book will be greatly benefits to all readers to understand the custom and culture of the tribals. Moreover, we may have things to learn from this traditional law of wisdom of the tribals.

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