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Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Secrets of Life: Towards New Horizon

Title: The Secrets of Life: Towards New Horizon 
Author: A Jugindra Singh 
ISBN: 978-93-82395-08-9 
Publisher: Ruby Press & Co.
Binding: Hard Cover 
First Edition: 2013

About the Author
Shri A. Jugindra Singh was awarded as "Research Scholar" by the Government of Manipur for his outstanding contribution in the field of Agriculture and Horticulture along with various bio-resources. During his tenure, he was actively associated in evolving a huge number of modern rice in the state. Further, Shri Singh has received "Hijam Jananeta Irawat Memorial Award" (HIM Award) for his contribution towards development of Agriculture and other alike activities in the state. He has begged the "Gold Medal Award for India" instituted by the ABI (American Biographical Institute Inc.) for his significant contribution in the field of agriculture and upliftment of socio-economic status of rural poor.

In true sense, Shri Singh is always in the mood of association with rural poor for better upliftment out of the complex human societies. Even after retirement, he is still actively continuing research work of "rice abc could evolve 3-4 rice cultivars" which are widely accepted and adopted in the state. He has been actively involved in the collection, preservation and conservation of indigenous medicinal plants and other bio-resources including improved ones which are being eroded due to unknown over exploitation by the different communities in both Hills and valley of the state. Shri A. Jugindra Singh is retired Deputy Director of agriculture, Manipur. He worked in various capacities. He was actively involved in research works with 12 years experience at the Rice Research Station, Wangbal under the Department of Agriculture, Manipur.

About the Book
In the midst of modern advances, the author felt to write a book on health: mind relationship along with various treatment profiles of different countries of the world. With this objective in view along with a constant touch with local physicians, a book on “The Secrets of Life: Towards New Horizon” has been written.

The book is written in a simple and lucid manner along with more local know-how which may not be academic exercise with reference and literature citations, but is based largely on the practical experience of Bio and Non-Bio healers or Reflexologist. Although the author tried his best, there may be certain deficiencies.

When writing this book, he has taken substantial help from books, journals, bulletins, etc for which he is really indebted and grateful to those scholars and publishers for their valuable materials which he has incorporated in the publication.

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